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Why Naimisha

Unlike traditional elder-care systems that focus only on the medical care-giving aspects, Naimisha functions as an extended family, providing guidance, education, and support to help our clients understand and manage the medical, clinical as well as social issues related to aging.

Naimisha’s guiding principle is - Care is not just about symptom management but encouraging good health practices that fortify the body's defences and healing abilities. We are here to help you deal with the mystery of aging, extended life spans and shattering falls, memories that inspire and those that recede.


Our ace panel of doctors possesses the specialist skills needed to diagnose, manage, and treat conditions that are common in the physically and mentally frail elderly population. Our ECCs coordinate with doctors, hospitals, and other professionals to help you navigate the complex healthcare system and also advocate on your behalf, leaving you free to enjoy your precious time together!


The highly qualified staff at Naimisha emphasize on self-care and empowering older adults by encouraging their independence and ensuring that safety concerns are adequately addressed. We help people over 60 years of age avail invaluable services that enhance their health, safety, and overall quality of life. Our expert team creates an individualized care plan that keeps our member, their family, and/or caregiver in mind. As and when medical or social needs change, the care plan is modified accordingly.

Talk to our consultant now to know about what kind of services are available and how can you save money while securing better care, more efficient services, and reducing a lot of stress for you and your family.

The end result - peace of mind and a stress-free life for you!