• Geriatric Care Management
    Geriatric Care Management Complete and comprehensive care for your loved elders using a holistic approach to Elder care. Learn More
  • Geriatric Home Care
    Geriatric Home Care Care at home is one of the most effective means of supporting independence while delivering peace of mind to the family. Learn More
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    Senior-Care Family Coaching To ensure quality of life and optimum care for your loved ones, no matter where you live. Learn More


Using a holistic model, Naimisha provides a broad spectrum of services that address a wide range of issues related to medical, social, housing, family and personal needs of elders. Aging parents and elders with care needs often find themselves living far from their adult children, increasing the importance of addressing long-distance care-giving needs. Naimisha’s services are designed to fill the gaps in long-distance care giving, by functioning as the "eyes and ears" for distant family members.

Our services comprise the following:

  • Elder Care Advocacy – A professional presence that makes sure you and your loved one are respected and cared for.
  • Professional Assessments – Gauging physical, cognitive, psychosocial, environmental, and mental health needs to create a specialised care plan.
  • Home Care Coordination - Screening maids and interviewing them to ensure their compatibility and trustability.
  • Geriatric Care Plan - Comprehensive care plan and detailed reporting to disseminate the information to everyone involved, creating a unified care team.
  • Liaise with families at a distance - We function as your eyes and ears to ensure that your loved ones are constantly cared for.
  • Crisis Intervention - Experienced and compassionate elder care consultants to assist families in emergency decision making.
  • Reduce Hospital Re-admissions - Our consultants make the transition out of the hospital easier with fewer complications and thus bring down chances of re-admissions.
  • Housing advice - Suggesting modifications to houses so as to make it more elder-friendly.
  • Educating Elders and Family - Our consultants educate you about your needs, your options, and the possible pitfalls.

Our services are tailored for each individual and client's needs and circumstances and are prepared after comprehensive assessments have taken place. Plans are continually modified, in consultation with the client/ elder and family, as circumstances change.

Our Service Packages

Naimisha’s value-added services are grouped into three different packages intended to let you and your families return to providing what matters most: love and support. We handle the tasks that too often fall on the family to help us plan the one that best suits the unique elder care needs of you and your family.

Our Consultants provide an array of services including:
  • Professional Assessment – determining the right type of services for the client and the family
  • Housing Advice – helping families evaluate and select appropriate elder-friendly housing
  • Health Updates – keeping the family informed of the well-being and changing needs of their loved one
  • Medical Management – facilitating doctor appointments, communication with doctors, and monitoring adherence to prescriptions and instructions, and laboratory workups
  • Socializing – promoting social, recreational, or cultural activities that enrich the quality of life of the elderly
  • Financial management – reviewing / overseeing medical bills / insurance, consulting with accountant.