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    Geriatric Care Management Complete and comprehensive care for your loved elders using a holistic approach to Elder care. Learn More
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Geriatric Care Management

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Geriatric Care Management aims at complete and comprehensive care for your loved elders using a holistic approach to Elder care. Our doctors liaise with your primary doctor or other (specialty) consultant to discuss medications and updates to the care plan, as well as any concerns you might have that needs to be communicated.

To compliment this patient-centered care philosophy, our physicians offer much-needed clinical navigation to ensure that high-risk elderly patients schedule and receive proper follow-up care and other support services.

Our Geriatric Care plan broadly comprises the following:

  • Assessment, observation and monitoring
  • Physical therapy, occupational therapy, mental health counselling and other services
  • Tracking medication
  • Dementia support
  • Ensure proper adherence to medication prescriptions
  • Discuss issues related to allergies with foods, medications, or the environment with the elderly
  • Explaining the prescriptions of physicians, the usage and indications of each mediation, dosage, route, when and how to take medication, and their contraindications to the client and / or appropriate family member(s)
  • Help with the required laboratory monitoring
  • Provide a comprehensive Medication Profile
  • Discuss with the prescribing physician about duplication of the same class of medications by multiple physicians.
"My 71-year-old aunt is suffering from severe pain after a surgery to correct a shoulder bone spur, followed by extensive physiotherapy. She is not recovering as expected and, to make it worse, her physician attributes her failure to recover to old ageā€¦.."
We understand; please call us.